This is how I was liberated from the “Korean Anti-Japanese Brainwashing” Interview by Popular Japanese Youtuber Kazuya and Popular Korean Youtuber WWUK

This is how I was liberated from the “Korean Anti-Japanese Brainwashing” Interview by Popular Japanese Youtuber Kazuya and Popular Korean Youtuber WWUK

“An interview of 2 popular Youtubers. WWUK, who is of Korean decent, explains how he was “liberated” by the Anti-Japanese brainwashing. Also the two will talk about whether Korea will ever realize the truth.” (February 2020 volume of the magazine WiLL

An Admiration to Japan

WWUK: nice to meet you. Kazuya-san was the one who motivated me to become a Youtuber, so I am honored to meet you today.

Kazuya: this year was a year where the Japanese-Korean relationship was shook so you (WWUK) caught the attention of many people. I’ve been wanting to meet you for a long time. You wrote an article for WiLL and also you published your book, “How I was liberated from Anti-Japanese brainwashing”. 2019 was a big year for you

WWUK: Thanks to many people, I am now recognized by many people. However, for Youtube, not everyone thinks good of my content. Sometime I receive terrible hate comments that pierce my heart.

Kazuya: I visited Korea recently. When I watched the news, even the news on economy, Korean news are all negative. Also, the worst Japanese-Korean relationship in history is adding up into this Anti-Japanese movement. I wanted to see it for myself.

WWUK: How was your first visit to Korea?

Kazuya: I did not get any bad impressions. The taxi driver from the airport was very fluent in Japanese. He was quite negative about President Moon’s cabinet; he was wondering why President Moon is trying to get so close with North Korea and he criticized it by saying it has made relationships with worse not only with Japan but the US as well. I was surprised there were people like him. I was also surprised with the number of illegal parking and the various fake brands.

WWUK: Korea may look like a developed nation. However, from a moral and manners perspective, I have to admit that it is very behind most nations.

Kazuya: I heard your first visit to Japan was when you were Grade 2 when you came with your grandmother and cousin. Was there any surprises for you?

WWUK: I visited the Kansai region, like Osaka and Kyoto. I was surprised how clean Japan was. The airport was clean-white, and you could barely see trash on the streets.  In Korea, people spit their gum on the streets and the streets are full of trash. The Japanese have a sense of keeping public places clean to maintain the scenery.

Kazuya: The Japanese were recognized at the World Cup for cleaning up after themselves as well. Was there anything else you noticed?

WWUK: I was most surprised with the Japanese buses. The Japanese buses not only start moving until everyone has sat down but the driver even announces the passengers to be careful for the turbulence when the bus starts moving. At first, I thought this one only because it was the bus from the airport but it was the same for the buses in the city. I feel that Koreans on the other hand, maybe because they eat too much spicy food, are very impatient and quick-tempered. The bus will start moving even if there are people still trying to pay the fare. The trains in Japan are very accurate; they arrive within even a minute of the scheduled time. The main reason why I became to love Japan was the high level of integrity and high level of morals and manners.

Kazuya: As a Japanese, I never thought any of what you mentioned was special. I wouldn’t have noticed if you have never told me.

A Korean that knows the truth

Kazuya: When I visited Korea, the thing that most surprised me was on Sunday, despite the terrible weather and the temperature was below 10 degrees Celsius, hundreds and thousands of people would gather for an anti-government protest. Thousands of Catholics would gather at Gwanghwamun Square, sit in chairs and wait for the leader. I really felt the passion of the Korean people in the anti-government protest.

WWUK: Observing the different parties which was won the elections. Any political party ended up falling towards Anti-Japanism. Even during the Park Geun-hye government, despite the fact that it was the people who voted for her, there was the candle-light protest to censure her. In order not to repeat their mistake, they elected Moon as president. The Korean people tend to play the “victim” in many cases, but it was the Korean people who elected both Park and Moon to be president. Unless the Anti-Japanism is wiped out from the Koreans, the same mistake will be repeated.

Kazuya: Cutting the chain of Anti-Japanism is very difficult. If there is one thing that could change everything is the best-seller book that sold over 100,000 copies, Anti-Japanism.

WWUK: The Moon government got cocky and brought up Anti-Japanism so much that the media realized that the Moon government was trying to agitate Anti-Japanism. The book, Anti-Japanism is becoming a tailwind. Ever since that book became a best-seller, along with information on the internet, there are Koreans that are beginning to realize the truth.

Unproven Defamation

WWUK: I am called a “traitor”, or a “Korea-hating bastard” on a daily basis. Also since, many Korean people are attached to money, some of them call me “a slave of money” or they ask “how much did Japan pay you to say such things?”; they tend to some how connect it with money. Other people say “is it fun to sell your mother country?” or “I hope you mother gets in a car accident”; comments that I cannot believe are coming from a fellow human. Most of these comments come from people in their 40s and 50s who lived through the peak of Anti-Japan education.

Kazuya: Such comments are totally out of line. In Japan, people who leave such heartless comments are usually people in their 40s and 50s as well.

WWUK: The horrible comments written in Japanese at least have some kind of reasoning. Usually they are backed up by some kind of source. However, the horrible comments in Korean are all straightforward defaming. They reveal no proof or no backup resource and they just criticize. Just like the comfort women issue and the forced laborers issue, their comments constantly change which is very similar to the attitude of the Korean government does for these issues.

Kazuya: Some people call you the Lee Wan-young of the 21st Century.

WWUK: They do not know how hard Lee Wan-young worked in order for the achievement of the Japanese-Korean Unification; they do not realize that the current Korean infrastructure was due to Lee’s hard efforts.

Kazuya: They completely ignore the true history.

WWUK: A Japanese person may not have positive impressions towards Korean people but they do have a compassion towards them to help them learn the proper knowledge. However, any Korean who has interest in these issues are constantly looking for new ways to “bash the Japanese”, new ways to “find fault with the Japanese”. At this rate, the relationship with Japan will never get better.

The Korean Language is full of abusive words

Kazuya: The Korean internet comment culture is famous in the Japanese show business world. The popular K-Pop idol Koo Ha Ra ended her life at age 28 the other day. When I see the news, I assume there were comments on the internet that were abusive and defaming. I felt that she was driven into a corner and she had no choice but to end her life.

WWUK: She is not the only one to be abused by heartless comments on the internet. Many Korean celebrities have been hurt by them. Some of them were so abused that they were forced into suicide. When I see such things happen, I feel like saying whatever they want and not considering the other person’s feelings is a sort of like a disease that Korean people have.

Kazuya: something called the Korean fire syndrome

WWUK: However, recently, after Ms. Koo Ha Ra’s death, Korea’s largest BBS, NAVER, created a filter and banned abusive comments. However, that filter can be turned off by the user.

Kazuya: I don’t think there is much point if the user can choose to see it or not

WWUK: The Korean language has many abusive words

Kazuya: I have heard that before

WWUK: Some words are difficult to translate into Japanese. The Korean language has different varieties of foul words. Also we have many insulting proverbs

Kazuya: Can you give me an example?

WWUK: there is one like “If its not your rice, put ashes in it”

Kazuya: That is shocking. Korea goes above and beyond our imagination

WWUK: To simplify, Koreans cannot stand other people being happy. In other words, the misfortune of others is the taste of honey. Even for that, I think the example I gave you is horrible.

Kazuya: I saw on the news once of an proverb that goes like “hit the drowning dog”. I did not believe such a proverb would exist but there seems to be a lot of similar ones.

WWUK: I wish I could say that this is just a difference in cultural values…

The New Pro-Japanese

WWUK: I just explain the reality of the Korean culture and attitude, the Korean people label my content as racism or hate and unnecessarily make a fuss about it.

Kazuya: The Korean people tend to label any truth that is inconvenient to them as hate crime. Their culture, history and even their foreign affairs are based on false information. For the issue of the GSOMIA, they told the Japanese that the US was aware of what they were doing and it was approved; this ended up being a lie and they were scolded by the US side.

WWUK: They do not realize their own paradox. I even think they are doing it on purpose.

Kazuya: All you are doing is making content based on resources such as news articles from those times and stating them from a objective point of view. However you receive abusive comments based on no facts.

WWUK: On the November issue of last year, I talked about my experience when a Korean show on SBS broadcast wanted to interview me. I refused politely but they broadcasted about me without my permission and used my videos. To be honest, I think the Korean media is still after me.

Kazuya: I heard that they even visited your friends in Korea and stormed into their place with cameras and everything without permission. They are trying to conduct a witch hunt and try to portray you as a national traitor.

WWUK: Another Korean Youtuber interviewed people gathering for the anti-government process at the Gwanghwamun Square. While interviewing people, he was interviewed by the Korean media crew; he was asked, “ do you know WWUK?”. Currently there are people who are called the “New Pro-Japanese” which is a new category. I am considered one of the leading people of this category. Including Youtubers like me, these are pro-Japanese Koreans that do activities that fit the modern style.

Kazuya: that is a bit confusing to understand

WWUK: The other day, I was put on the media as a national traitor Youtuber; they not only used my content without my consent, they did not even censor my face. Korea has not only lost its freedom of speech, but also lost its right of publicity, and sense of copyright. Korea today is not only lawless, but also an undesirable nation.

Kazuya: That is such a low level of compliance for a nation-wide broadcast station… They censored the Park Gyun Hae government and was the driving force in putting Moon into office.

WWUK: Also the horrible part is that they used only parts of my content where I was saying that “comfort women were prostitutes” and “the forced laborers were actually recruited” was broadcasted on TV. It was completely impression operation. In the video, I was showing resources such as newspaper articles from the time but those were excluded; I was portrayed as though I was denying everything without any evidence. Even if I can tolerate them revealing my face without my consent, portraying me as though I am distorting history, I cannot forgive and would like them to stop it immediately.

Kazuya: A lot of times, Japanese conservatives are labelled as “history re-writers” by the left-wingers without any evidence to back that criticism up. But in your case, even though your content can be justified by historical evidence, the Korean people cannot truly understand the content you create in Japanese. That is why they can put whatever captions they want and they can show as though you are saying something else than what you actually are.

WWUK: We must be careful of interviews with Korean media.

Kazuya: I was asked to an interview by Korean media as well. But I usually don’t check my emails very often and when I noticed the email, it was already 2 months past. It must’ve looked like I ignored them.

WWUK: I think as a result, that was good.

Kazuya: On the email it said that they will be they will treat the content fairly, but from the looks of recent Korean media, I could not trust them. If I give them the content, they can do whatever they want with it and I cannot predict what they will do.

Public Opinion Polls and Biased Reporting

Kazuya: Unless it is live, you cannot trust Korean media.

WWUK: Even if it is live, it cannot be trusted. On November 19th, 2019, MBS broadcasted a live show called the “dialogue with the citizens”. President Moon was present and 300 citizens that were said to be “chosen without bias”. On the show, the citizens would ask questions to the president. However, these citizens were specifically chosen beforehand, and they were told what questions to ask. So as a result, the citizens only asked questions that were convenient for President Moon. It was nothing but a performance by the left-wingers.

Kazuya: That’s what you call the Cheong Wa Dae theatrical company

WWUK: Under President Moon, there has been the most impression manipulation and biased reports recorded in Korean history. Most Korean people become to realize the incitement of Anti-Japanism by the government and media. Only a portion of left-wingers support Moon, and the approval ratings for president Moon is not high as it is reported. Just like the number for the people who attend the Anti-Japan protest, numbers that are reported by the media are not to be trusted.

Kazuya: Same as in Japan. Only a small minority group of left-wingers shout “anti-Prime Minister Abe”, and even though it is not perfect, most people in Japan do approve of the things he has done so far. That is why he still is elected and why the opposition parties cannot win. The noisy minorities are an adverse to society.

Korea Surrounded by Enemies

Kazuya: The wonderful thing about you is that you can hear both the voices of the Koreans and the Japanese. Most Japanese people cannot read the Hangul language, and somebody who can translate it is very valuable. If Japan and Korea keep on quarrelling with each other and refuse to understand each other, there is no merit for both companies. In the long-run, Korea is not Japan’s enemy. The nation that is more important is North Korea, and for Japan, China is the greatest threat.

WWUK: The reason behind the bad relationship between Japan and Korea is the Korean left-wing medias that create the Anti-Japanese mood within Korea. And most of all the largest problem with Korea is that their attitude goes against International standards. President Moon’slip of the tongue and rude diplomacy attitude has lost the international community’s trust towards Korea.

Kazuya: As a result, Korea worsened all relations with all nations it had relations with. It is said in Korea that the relationship is beyond fixable, and the relationship with North Korea which was very good at one point, is now bad again. And they also lied to America which later upset them and now they are lightly taken by China. Literally, Korea has made enemies with everyone around them.

Building a Good Japan-Korea relationship

Kazuya: getting close with North Korea does not have merit for Korea. There is nothing to gain for Korea even if the two nations get unified. I think they will become poorer if they do.

WWUK: President Moon is saying that if the North and South is unified, they will gain enough military and economical power to defeat Japan; However, South Korea’s economy is at its worst in history at the moment.

Kazuya: Where they are headed is totally wrong. Within Japan, there are opinions saying that we should cut all ties with Korea; I don’t think that is the best solution though. Instead, the two nations should come up with a way to hold hands.

WWUK: I agree; however, I understand that a nation would want to cut ties with Korea who breaks agreements and promises made between the two nations. Even I, which Korea is my home country, am shocked with how senseless Korea’s attitude is; I cannot imagine how sick of this the Japanese would be. The Korean excess patriotism is said to be due to unconditional love but I will not side with Japan nor Korea unconditionally. It was because my parents allowed me to go overseas like to study in Australia, that I was able to objectively look at my home country and realize that it was abnormal.

Kazuya: Not only they allowed you to study and live overseas, but they realize and approve of what you do. And also, your grandmother who taught you that the time of Japanese occupation was not bad at all as people say it was. You must be appreciating your family.

WWUK: That is why I want to believe in the true friendship between Japan and Korea. Since they are neighboring nations, it is better if they work together instead of against each other.

It will take a long time for Korea to recover its trust with Japan, but the two nations should work together. That is also why I feel frustrated with Korea who keeps preventing this. I wish they would be more cooperative.

Kazuya: Both Japan and the US are feeling the same. Japan has accepted everything Korea has said up to now. They allowed Korea to experience success of pushing their opinion through. This is a big mistake of the Japanese government.

WWUK: Japan has spoiled Korea over the decades. Now Korea thinks Japan will do anything they want them to do. Japan is not an Omoni (mother) that takes care of Korea.

Kazuya: I wish you to continue your activities and someday become the bridge that connects the two nations. I wish that you send the message of the Korean people properly, and that you teach the Korean people their proper history.

WWUK: Of course, I will continue to speak the truth. It will take some time, but now that I have converted to a Japanese citizen, I will do more activities not only in Japanese or Korean but in English as well. I also wish people who are not able to like Japan, or write hateful comments on my content, to someday visit Japan. Even though as a nation, they say they hate Japan, it is a fact that many Koreans visit Japan each year. I want the Koreans to be more open-minded.

Kazuya: I wish for the Koreans who truly love Japan to able to say out loud that they love Japan instead of having to hide from being ashamed. I also wish the spread of Korea-hating to end in Japan as well. In order for this to happen, voices from both sides have to be heard. If they have a proper talk, they will be able to have a proper conversation like the one we had.

WWUK: I hope this conversation will become a symbol of a good Japanese-Korean relationship.

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